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UNBLOCK: What can you tell us about the singles following 'Transm1t'?

Taboo: I have a record that I am doing with, produced by featuring Becky G and that's something that is in the works right now. I'm very happy that had time to produce a record and be a part of it as we are all busy but we found time to do it and made it work. We also got a song called 'Sunshine' also produced by Black T. Black T are the producers that are going to be part of my staple. They are all under my camp. 


Getting upclose and personal with Taboo from The Black Eyed Peas about his single Transmit. for full interview see the latest edition of UNBLOCK magazine.

Photography by Linda Cooper, Styling by Neesha Sharma, Grooming & hair by Danny Defreitas, with pieces from Helen Anthony, Anna Karin Karlsson, Black Kaviar and Armani.