LCF takeover DIESEL Flagship store London

LCF takeover DIESEL Flagship store London

DIESEL allocates its London flagship store to promote its collaboration with young talents from London College of Fashion (LCF). The winning team from LCF proposed the ‘Flower Girl’ theme which tells a story of a famous flower girl of Covent Garden during the time when it was still a flower markets. After a long day surrounded by the floral scents, she is transformed into a seducer as the moon appears. Like flowers in the park, she lights up the night and entertained her visitors.

The story is translated into all touch points in the store. From window displays and the interior of the ground floor, the store gives a hint of fresh flowery atmosphere. The top floor is now a bright flower market mainly merchandising female items while the darker basement is allocated for male clients. The original idea was to transform the store as if you are walking into a secret brothel of Covent Garden where the lower the floor, the more provocative it seems. 

UNBLOCK has a chat with the winning team about their experiences working with a global brand like Diesel. We believe that their experiences would inspire both students and entrepreneurs out there to create amazing projects that bring out the best capabilities of the new generation.




UNBLOCK : From doing this project, what do you think you have unblocked yourself from?

Maxime: I have learnt so much about the industry and how it works, like what language it uses or what their objectives are. I feel less scared to work with the industry I know now that it can actually be interesting!

Griselda: I would say I've been unblocked from holding back creative expression. No matter how strange or weird others may think an idea is, if you believe in it that's all that matters.

Eshaan: To have an open mind to fuel the flow of creative ideas from my team members.

Irene: I learned to trust everyone's skills.

Laksamee: For me, I think I’m less scared of doing what I really want to do because I have proved to myself that I can do it. We all can do it. 

UNBLOCK:  If you can go back in time, what would be the one thing you want to try doing for this project?

Maxime: I feel that we have done so much that I do not know what to answer. I have no regrets so far and really feel that, within the team and on a personal level, each step came at the right point in time. It was a very logical and smooth process.

Griselda: I would want to assist more during the implementation.

Laksamee: Yeah, similar to me. I actually really like our ideas and wish that everything can be implemented, but in reality, there are other things that the company need to consider. I think if there must be one thing to do, it might be to try help find more contacts to east their implementation. Like, we designed the whole wall to be filled with denim flowers, the staircase to host huge neon sign, the basement to look like a penthouse in high end brothel. It would be cool if we could help make that really happen. HAHAHA.  

Eshaan: I think that I would have added a lot more detail and storytelling to the current existing theme.

Irene: It would be an animated 3D digital model of the store.

UNBLOCKL: If you are a company, like Diesel, what project would you want MA students to do?

Griselda: Although it could be a bit risky, I would be interested in having them create a marcomms plan along with a content calendar of what my company stands for. What other way to know how you're perceived than by letting students show you?

Eshaan: I would create a project without creative boundaries to see the capabilities of the students’ creative minds.

Irene: It would be a similar store take over project. Students can create something new while learn how to keep the brand identities.

Laksamee: Oh, I would like them to create a collection. Wait, what if their designs are better than mine? HAHAHA. Or maybe I will just hire them to be my designers!




Winning team: Eshaan Dhingra from Fashion Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Griselda Ibarra from Strategic Fashion Marketing, Irene Rodriguez from Fashion Media Production, Laksamee Jong from Fashion Entrepreneurship and Innovation and Maxime Laprade from Fashion Curation