Wolf & Badger X Swarovski: a contemporary twist on glitz and glamour

Sparkling Swarovski crystals adorning various vitrines filled with vibrantly coloured cuff bracelets, pearl encrusted pieces and ornate bold necklaces bedecked with precious stones. Numerous bedazzled garments and accessories displayed within the space, notably an elegant silk blouse embroidered with pearlescent beads, contrasted against simplistic, colourful satchels displayed on shelves. Stylish visitors clinking champagne glasses and drinking classic cocktails bottled in a minimalistic contemporary design, marvelling at the window display featuring an eye-catching bejewelled cobra designed by Katie Eary. 

The collaborative project between Wolf & Badger X Swarovski was showcased on 16th September 2016 in Dover Street, and undoubtedly toyed with oppositions including the visual and the tactile and the classical and contemporary, merging such qualities into a collection of stylish, wearable brands. The project was embarked upon with the intention to promote the products of 15 upcoming designers working with Swarovski crystals, including Bark, Vittorio Ceccoli, Kasun, Boks & Baum, Edge of Ember, Hop Skip & Flutter, O. Yang, Ona Chan, Gideon John Jewellery, The Season Hats, Miss High & Low, Claudia Baldazzi Jewels, On Aura Tout Vu, Nadia Minkoff, Ternary London and Delphine-Charlotte Parmentier. Showcasing a range of unique approaches, Wolf & Badger X Swarovski was a promising start to London Fashion Week, in which it demonstrated the creative potential of working with crystals both within and external to the domain of jewellery.


Images: Linda Cooper, Text: Libby Festorazzi.