YMC AW17: a merging of disciplines

Upon walking into number 17 Floral street and being met with a sea of people, synth music pulsing through your body, and an endless supply of drinks, you would be forgiven for thinking that you had stumbled into the 80s club scene. This, however, was the vision of You Must Create and Fraser Moss that emerged in their ‘Traum der Maschine’ collection, held on the 7th January at London Fashion Week.

With further inspection, a central stage bringing emphasis to a handful of models posing and periodically bobbing their heads to the live music from Factory Floor could be seen below, conforming perfectly to the club scene. The Bauhaus movement of the early 20th century served as an inspiration for many of the garments featured, and this influence became apparent in the cut out monochrome geometric patterns by graphic artist and musician Julian House, that emblazoned the exhibited jackets, accessories, and t-shirts alike. Artistic vibes were alluded to in other pieces also, including the timeless beret, a polo neck jumper with a faded pink mottled effect, and a classic monochrome striped scarf. 

In merging art and fashion together, YMC proposes a collection that is intriguing to the eye in both its timeless recognisability and refreshing appropriation of the values of Bauhaus, creating a stylish, wearable collection.