Edward Crutchley AW17: a fashionable slice of the classical and the current

Shot against a hilly white makeshift backdrop, Edward Crutchley AW17 featured models wearing silks and velvets that screamed classical decadence, intriguingly combined with contemporary designs, transforming their casual associations into a form of luxury outerwear.

Inspired by Renaissance portraiture and Isaac Oliver’s ‘Rainbow portrait of Queen Elizabeth I’ (1600), the show featured garments that abided by the Venetian palette and were nothing short of the ornate details typically highlighted in Renaissance Portraiture. Combining classical and contemporary elements, exquisitely delicate floral prints graced the casual design of the popular bomber jacket, integrated with round sunglasses and beanies.
In constructing outfits from eras of fashion that may initially seem somewhat contrasting, Edward Crutchley AW17 expressed the creative potentials that can be explored through the amalgamation of opposing styles. 

Photo by Linda Cooper