Abstract Expressionism Exhibition

Abstract Expressionism Exhibition

There is a new exhibition in town that’s making critiques, art lovers and tourists all head to The Royal Academy of Arts. 


In their new exhibition ‘Abstract Expressionism’ the museum’s main galleries hold works from most American artists associated with this new, 21st century term like Willem de Kooning, Clyford Still or Barnett Newman. It’s the first ever exhibition in the United Kingdom to unite works from these independent, yet associated artists.


The influential works from two of the most famous Abstract Expressionistpainters Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko would in itself make the exhibition worth making a trip down to the heart of the city, the unusual size of their artworks are overwhelming and absorbing not just visually but physically, contributing to a unique experience. 


The exhibition combines not only paintings but three dimensional art pieces linked to this “melting pot term” of the modern art in the United States.  David Smith’s “drawings in space” are prime examples of the creatives of the era experimenting with expressionism off-paper. 


The exhibition can be seen until the 2nd of January at The Royal Academy of Art.

For more info visit https://www.royalacademy.org.uk/exhibition/abstract-expressionism.

Text by Zora Feraji