A Dream Come True

A Dream Come True

In the spring of this year just before the Chinese F1 grand prix in Shanghai, UNBLOCK had the privilege of taking the now 4 times F1 world champion to China on a cultural exchange visit. 

We had invited a famous Chinese star to support with Lewis in Beijing, it was none other than J.J.Lin, both of them had a love of music and motor racing, it is quite possible each gained a fan as they seemed to get on well together. Lewis’s motor racing career started at an early age with go-karting, so while in Beijing we took the opportunity to introduce to him some of his young fans. These young guys (7-8years old ) were already award wining junior racers. As you can imaging a race was soon organised with Lewis giving tips and advice, they were presented with an autographed helmets and the advice “Never give up on your dream”. Wise words. 

Later Lewis had a very public calligraphy lesson with a lot of black ink being splashed about a very happy time was had by all.......

UNBLOCK knowing of Lewis’s love of animals AND because of his belief that anything Black and White brings him good luck, ( Black and White the colours of the Checkered flag waved as the winner crosses the finish line). we organised a trip to the Giant Panda sanctuary at Chengdu. Lewis was very impressed and thought that the baby Pandas were cute....

While in Chengdu we took the opportunity to introduce Lewis to several other parts of Chinese culture including a Bian Lian performance (Bian Lian is an ancient form of Chinese dramatic art and forms part of the more general Sichuan Opera). Of course we had to try the local food.


The visit ended with Lewis being Tattooed with the words Warrior and Love in Chinese writing, a thank you for his Chinese fans and to show his enthusiasm and love of Chinese culture.

It was a exciting fun trip and a great experience and enjoyed by all who took part, UNBLOCK is very happy to be the bridge by which two countries’ art and culture were brought together.

This was the start we are on the way to making more dreams come true. 

Words Linda Cooper